I have all of these alerts in Operations Manager and I don’t know which ones are critical for my business. What do I do next?


I want to automate my application requests in the application catalog in SCCM. I don’t have time to approve these. What are my options?


I need to deploy Windows 8 using a zero touch approach across my entire workstation estate. How do I do that?

Windows Management Experts, Inc. (WME) is the premier Microsoft System Center solution integrator for those that are committed to reducing and improving their IT Operations using the Microsoft System Center platform.

Products & Integration

super-geek WME’s extensive experience with the third party ecosystem and capabilities allows us to leave our clients in an operational health state after we leave.
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Accelerator ProgramsWME’s committed is to ensure a rapid deployment and delivery of System Center. Our accelerator program allows our clients to design and deploy their System Center environment in an efficient manner at a fixed cost.
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Professional Services

Professional Services From design to deployment, we help our clients achieve the most value out of their System Center deployments.
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