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SCSM: Populate List of Printers in Web Portal

This post will detail a method to add the list of printers from you Service Manager environment. These printers can be found at Configuration Items > Printers. Printer issues are some of the most common incidents that are submitted. Using this method, your end users can select their printer from a list, and it will […]

System Center Service Manager: Service Catalog

One of the core pieces to Service Manager is the Service Catalog. This is the website where end users can go to submit incidents or service requests. The website is built from a SharePoint site and runs a Silverlight plugin, so there are a lot of possibilities for customization. There are two parts to adding […]

Create Exchange 2013 Mailboxes in Bulk

The post will provide a script that will create Exchange 2013 mailboxes in bulk by either supplying a file of usernames, or usernames on the command line. This script will only work with Exchange 2013. You must either run this script directly on the Exchange server, or have PowerShell remote session rules enabled. You also […]

Windows Intune: Software

This part of an ongoing series about Windows Intune. This part will focus on deploying software with Windows Intune. This section is mainly for Windows-based clients, as iOS and Android must go through their respective app stores. Intune Software Publisher The first step is to install the Intune Software Publisher. This will automatically download if […]

Windows Intune: Groups and Updates

This is part of an ongoing series about Windows Intune. This week will focus on groups and updates. Groups In Intune, groups work similarly to collections in SCCM. You can group devices and users for various tasks, such as organization or deployment of software. Just like with collections in SCCM, membership can be based on […]

Windows Intune: Policy

This is part of a continuing series about Windows Intune. This section will focus on creating policies for the different types of clients. If you are familiar with setting client policies in SCCM, this will be very similar. Adding Policies To add a policy, click “Add Policy” under Tasks in the Policy node of the […]

Windows Intune: Getting set up and Enrolling Devices

This is the second part of a series on Windows Intune. Windows Intune is Microsoft’s mobile device management solution. Setting up Intune – Users Setting up the trial of Intune is pretty simple. Go to the Intune homepage and set up a trial. No credit card information is needed, and you can use your trial […]

Managing Mac’s with Parallels: Software and OSD

This is the second part of a series about the Parallels SCCM plug-in for managing Mac’s with SCCM. This first part was an introduction and covered agent installation, as well as configuration profiles. This part will cover software deployment and OSD. Detailed information, white papers, and contact information for Parallels can be found here. Software […]

Managing Mac’s using Parallels: Introduction

Parallels is known for running Windows in a virtual environment on your Mac. It is the premiere software program for doing this. They also have another product – an SCCM plugin that allows for Mac management with SCCM. Detailed information, white papers, and contact information can be found here. Advantages The primary advantage of using […]