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Shavlik Third-Party Patch Management

Shavlik is a third party patch management add-on for Configuration Manager. It brings in updates for Adobe, Java, and Firefox, just to name a few. It publishes these updates just like any other Windows update. Shavlik used to rely on System Center Update Publisher (SCUP). It would fill in the catalog and then the administrator […]

Microsoft App-V 5.0: Sequencer

This is the second part of a series about App-V 5.0. Part one focused on integrating App-V with SCCM, how to install the App-V client, and some common scenarios where App-V may be appropriate. Part one can be found here: This part in the series will focus on the App-V sequencer. I will take […]

Adaptiva OneSite: Workbench Part 1

These next three posts will focus on the Adaptiva Workbench. The Workbench is where the majority of the work in Adaptiva gets done. There are six categories of perspectives: This article will focus on the Client Health and Content System categories. Next week will focus on Green Planet and Misc, and the week after that […]

Microsoft App-V 5.0: CM 2012 Integration

This is the first in a two-part series about App-V 5.0 and how it integrates with Configuration Manager 2012. It will also detail some common scenarios where App-V may be appropriate. Next week we will talk about the App-V Sequencer. These posts will not cover anything to with the standalone server version of App-V 5.0. […]

Adaptiva OneSite: Overview and Installation

This is the first part of a series about Adaptiva OneSite. Keep checking back to the WME blog for more. OneSite is an add-on for SCCM that virtually eliminates the need for multiple primary or child sites and remote distribution points. It allows for organizations with multiple physical sites to operate as one site. It […]

Clean Up Active Directory and CM 2012 with Orchestrator

This article is in a continuing series about using Orchestrator to automate tasks in CM 2012. See the Windows Management Experts Blog for more articles. Keeping your AD and CM 2012 environment clean of old objects is key to making sure that you can get accurate and relevant information for your environment. Actually keeping these […]

VMM: Private Cloud and Services

This is part of a continuing series on Virtual Machine Manager. This part will focus on creating a private cloud and what this means, as well as creating services. Please visit for more in this series. Private Cloud In VMM, a private cloud is created using local hardware and managed by your VMM admins. […]

Virtual Machine Manager: Library

This is part of a continuing series on Virtual Machine Manager. This part will focus on the Library node of the console. Included here are templates, profiles, and the VMM storage library. Templates A template in VMM allows you to quickly create a VM. It is almost like creating an image. You install an OS […]

Virtual Machine Manager: Overview

This is start of a series of articles about System Center Virtual Machine Manager. VMM is Microsoft’s virtual machine management system. It can control Hyper-V, Citrix, and VMware ESX environments. This series will focus primarily on Hyper-V management. VMM expands Hyper-V capabilities, and adds a bunch of features that makes it comparable to ESX. Some […]

Service Manager: Workflow Management

Workflows in Service Manager can help get your incidents to the proper support group. Workflows can be based on almost any attribute that Service Manager can read, whether they be from Active Directory, SCCM, or Operations Manager. Possible Uses If you have a distributed IT environment, workflows can make managing incidents much easier. Examples of […]