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The primary goals of the  Assessment & Health Check are to help you accomplish the following:

  • Assess the current health of both the current infrastructure and current operational practices by leveraging both extensive automated data collection tools and in-depth management interviews with your IT Staff.
  • Identify key areas where your environment may deviate from known Best Practices and most importantly, how to remediate these issues so your infrastructure functions as efficiently as possible.

A real-world plan to guide and assist in an enterprise-class infrastructure implementation. Use that unused portion of your budget before you lose it for the next year. This is your one opportunity to start the new year with complete knowledge of your IT systems.

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All you need to do is register, there is no obligation to pay right now just let us know you are interested. We will call to schedule a date to do the health check and we will bill you after we completed our assessment.

This Assessment & Health Check is designed for the senior IT staff responsible for managing and administering the IT environment.

The Assessment & Health Check is divided into three major phases: Environmental Assessment, Analysis and Reporting and Remediation. Each phase is handled by an  expert with extensive enterprise level experience who can thoroughly review, consolidate the results and ascertain appropriate next steps based upon your specific environment and needs/requirements.

Environmental Assessment Phase:

The first phase of the program, the Environmental Assessment Phase is performed by Assessment & Health Check engineers who thoroughly review your existing infrastructure from both a technical and operational perspective. This includes an extensive one-on-one discovery of existing management practices and an exhaustive data gathering process that reaches throughout the entire  environment. This in-depth process results in a thorough study of the operational health of your production environment.

Analysis and Reporting Phase:

The resulting aggregate data, along with your existing management practices are systematically analyzed, and compared to known Best Practices to identify current standards and whether they are considered to be a known issue to infrastructure and client health. An Assessment & Health Check Document will be generated to include all of the important data and information that was gathered.

Remediation Phase:

The outcome of this analysis includes a detailed assessment of current health and recommendations for remediating the known issues in the environment. Our Health Check experts will engage in discussions centered on identifying solutions to address your highest issues. The recommendations provided are proven to strengthen and stabilize a typical enterprise environment. A high-level roadmap of  that includes upcoming versions will be included when applicable. A high-level project plan with estimated work effort required to implement the recommendations will be provided.