Ensuring every desktop, laptop, and user in your organization has every critical Windows update and every latest software version has often been the least glamorous part of being an IT professional, if not the outright “curse.”

Hundreds or thousands of hours spent on updates and deployments can feel like the equivalent of “death by 1,000 cuts,” and can mean there’s little or no time for the projects that can really drive business systems improvements

Pass this task to the Microsoft professionals at WME who will quickly deliver an automated Windows deployment platform that will dramatically change how you manage desktops, laptops, and any and all devices on which Windows software and solutions are installed.

WME has deep experience in automating Windows deployments (having deployed more than half a million desktops), and can architect a platform that conforms to your exact business needs, from the most high-level, such as enterprise-wide security, to the most granular, such as the integrity of an individual user’s data files.

Most importantly, WME can deliver a solution to you “while you sleep,” updating 1000 or more desktops overnight, and reloading the data and software on an entire PC in less than 30 minutes. As a certified Gold Partner of Microsoft, WME brings exact expertise to bear on every Windows-related project, ensuring every machine is secure, up-to-date, and running at top speed.

The end result is consistency, speed, and efficiency in deploying Windows across the enterprise, centralized management, easier collaboration across all users–laptops and desktops, in-house and off-site– and a new and enjoyable amount of bandwidth for you and your team.

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