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Build Collections for Windows 10 Versions

By August 18, 2017Uncategorized

Collections that show you devices running various versions of Windows 10 could be beneficial. I’ll show you here how I build the collection queries. You’ll need the build numbers for Windows 10, available here. You only need the first five numbers of the OS build field, for example, for Windows 10 1703, I just need 15063.

Next, we’ll be identifying devices based on their servicing branch. For this, here are your values:

0 = Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)

1 = Semi-Annual Channel

2 = Long-Term Servicing Channel

So I’ve built my collection, now I’m ready to build the query. Here’s a quick look at how I have it set for Windows 10 1607.

As you can see, I’m using three conditions. The first is the OS version. You should be able to add that field and have a list of values presented to you. The last five numbers will be the first five numbers from the page above, just so you can match Windows 10 1607 to the correct version number. The next condition is operating system name and version. You’ll need to define this as Windows 10 to ensure that you don’t get any Server 2016 systems in your Windows 10 collection. Service 2016 uses the same OS version numbers. Finally, for this example, I’m excluding LTSC systems. If you want individual collections for Semi-Annual Targeted (old Current Branch) and Semi-Annual, you’ll need to use the values listed above.

For other Windows 10 versions, just change the version value to match those on the Microsoft site listed above and you’re all set.



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