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System Center Update Publisher 4.5 – Gotchas and Lessons Learned

Here are some lessons learned and troubleshooting tips that were gleamed from the SCUP conversation today with Jason Lewis! Thanks Jason!

Known Issues:

  • Install MSI based update – you can’t use the / commands must be named value pairs. Custom parameters INSTALLMODE=MOUS required
  • Proxy Authentication – in 2011, instead of making it prompt, they will either turn on or off
  • Adobe Catalog – based on 10x before updates are applicable. If you have 9 or 8, you have to do something manually.
  • Shared Admin Console – 2011 is not a multi user. When you launch in 2011, it creates a local database into local app folder. No credentials for domain , it can be local.
  • To do publishing, user doing publishing must be a member of WSUS Administrator group. User account must also have access to that data as well.
  • Remove updates from SCCM – Expire or supercede the update then republish it .
  • Software update cleanup wizard in 2011 will be released.

Migrate from 2007 to 2011

  • Export all updates from 4.5 and reimport back into 2011
  • There is no upgrade and there is no schema updates to it.
  • You can run 4.5 and SCUP 2011 on the same machine in parallel.

Other Interesting Facts

  • 2011 will be released next quarter (april – june)
  • Alerting capability for identifying new catalogs that are available
  • Automatically publish based on a certain threshold to control the size of the catalog.
  • Local Source Publishing – central location for software updates. Good for out of band scenario where no internet connection. Define without download URL’s.
  • 4.5.1103 – latest build for version 4.5. There were two versions of SCUP 4.5 release. Check to see version. There were issues importing in Adobe catalog with the first version of 4.5!
  • 4.5.1103 Supports SCCM 2007 Sp2 and SCCM 2012

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