Explore the Windows Intune Solution

Windows Intune is unique because it’s an end-to-end Microsoft solution that brings together Windows cloud services for PC management and endpoint protection with a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Enterprise upgrade subscription. With the easy-to-use web-based console, you get immediate insight into your PC environment and can view update and malware status, alerts, security policies, and more. You just need an Internet connection and the Windows Intune client installed on each PC you wish to manage.

How you can level the playing field with Windows Intune

  • Standardize all your PCs on the version of Windows you choose – Proactively monitor systems, so potential IT problems don’t affect your business.
  • Get remote IT assistance from virtually anywhere – Deliver the latest software updates and new features through the cloud.
  • Upgrade to the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 8 Enterprise for an improved interface, advanced search capabilities, and BitLocker® Drive Encryption.

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